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Meet The Marqui Tool Set

One place for everything

Manage web pages, landing pages, forms, digital assets and mobile content all through a single system in minutes. Publish new content as quickly as your marketing team can produce it without worrying about a webmaster bottlenecking your process.

Easy workflow control speeds up approvals

Advanced workflow controls allow administrators to be notified instantly when new content is ready for review. You can then release or send back the content for revisions, with notes for the content creator. As a content creator, it is easy to direct your content to the right person for review – wherever they are. Marqui's email notification system ensures that everyone is kept in the loop.

For a compreshensive list of Marqui’s product features please download our pdf
Landing pages turn web visitors into valuable marketing lead that drive your business forward. With Marqui, building landing pages is a straightforward process of designing and editing your templates with the appropriate text, images and forms.

Building forms is fast and easy in Marqui

Simple form controls allow you to build simple or complex form easily. Using Marqui’s form builder, it is simple to add custom fields, password verification for secure sections and required fields (like email address) to help populate your contact database.

Use forms anywhere

Forms can be linked to many different campaign types, all supported by Marqui analytics where your results and campaign effectiveness can be measured. You can create custom forms for:

•    Call-to-action conversion
•    Pay-per-click campaigns
•    Off-site banner advertisements
•    Direct mail vanity URLs
•    Email campaign clickthrough

For a compreshensive list of Marqui’s product features please download our pdf
Move beyond simple blast emails and use the power of Marqui’s subscriber database to store, segment and personalize your email campaigns for more targeted effective results. Marqui provides the tools to create custom groups based on data from your CRM or from the actions of your site visitors. Segment your marketing leads by grouping them according to custom attributes based on landing page hits, article downloads or demographic data – the choice is yours.

Marqui keeps your databases connected

CRM integration allows you to synchronize data between systems seamlessly so that your sales and marketing activities are always aligned. Ensure that as leads connect with you through your multi-channel campaigns, your sales teams are kept up to date with the latest results.

Ensure your lists are clean

Marqui ensures that there are no duplicate email addresses in your database. The de-duplication function ensures that your subscribers never receive multiple copies of the same email.

For a compreshensive list of Marqui’s product features please download our pdf
Whether it is scheduling the release of digital assets to correspond to a new marketing campaign or approving content for use, Marqui offers robust workflow controls to ensure that your project run smoothly.

Fully customizable workflow controls

Flexible workflow controls allow you to set processes that align with your organization. Different users, groups and even website sections or microsites can have their own review process. Marqui also provides a commenting system and email notification to ensure that everyone can easily communicate about changes or updates to your content.

Reviewing content made easy

In-Place Editing and Preview allows you to see what the changes you have made will look like the instant you alter your content. You can see how the placement of text and images will alter the layout of the page and what it will look like with your site templates. Anyone responsible for reviewing the content will also be able to see updates, approve and release the material from a single browser view.

For a compreshensive list of Marqui’s product features please download our pdf
Gated sections of your websites allow you to restrict access to sections of your website or specific pieces of content to only registered users. You may use this to expand your subscriber database or post secure content in a web accessible place for staff or clients.

Member management controls

Marqui handles the entire process of registering new users and maintains all of the user names and passwords for you. You can manually add people and set permissions to access secure resources or you can use custom forms to collect the information you need.  Marqui is ideal for websites or microsites that allow member-only content sharing.

Fully customizable access

Gated sections also allow you to control content access on many different levels. From a single web page, a microsite or a document library or even a single file, all the resources for setting security rules are yours to define.

For a compreshensive list of Marqui’s product features please download our pdf
You may have more than one website or manage multiple microsites in addition to your primary website. One, 5, or 1,000 sites, with Marqui you can manage all that content through a single solution.  Whether you host your websites with us or on your own hosting solution, Marqui allows you store and manage the content through a very user friendly interface

Use your content anywhere

One advantage to managing multiple websites from a single application is that you have the ability to share digital assets and content with the click of a button, you don’t need multiple copies stored in different locations.  Marqui’s digital asset management system uses folders to organize your assets and with our advanced search functions, you can always find out where your assets are being used.

Multiple languages? No Problem.

Multilingual sites are a snap to manage with Marqui. You can easily manage multiple languages by leveraging a common set of templates to ensure that your branding is consistent and maintained for all your different languages. Want to make a change? Shared templates allow you to make a change to your design once and have it propagate to all your language sites.
For a compreshensive list of Marqui’s product features please download our pdf
Marketing is data driven. You need to know how effective your strategies are and to be able to make changes quickly to address the needs of your market. With Marqui, website and campaign analytics are part of the package.

Data driven decisions with Campaign Analytics

Marqui provides a fantastic platform for email campaigns and with our reporting tools you can easily see:

•    Clickthroughs
•    Conversions
•    Goal tracking
•    Landing page activity

Use Google Analytics with Marqui

Use the tools you are familiar with. Marqui integrates with Google Analytics and allows you to connect your Marqui powered site directly to your existing Google account.  You can drill down as deep as you would like – with Marqui, you can associate individual web pages, landing pages or digital assets for reporting.

For a compreshensive list of Marqui’s product features please download our pdf