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Integrating pages, structure, navigation, forms and all kinds of content, Marqui can support users in creating multi-faceted web properties. 

Templates allow for function and format of pages to vary as needed while style remains constant across pages.  Sites can be as small or as big as necessary and can grow and change within the same Marqui account over time.  Scalability is built-in.

River Rock Casino Resort

Susan G. Komen San Diego

As an adjunct to the Campaigns module, Marqui can be used to quickly and easily generate web landing pages for your online and offline campaigns. 

Styles can be easily customized to provide unique landing pages for each campaign, with their own targeted message and calls to action.  Tying in the Subscriber module allows you to generate Forms that can capture valuable visitor data (both explicit and implicit).

Fluxion Biosciences

Bell Aliant

Whether a new product-focused set of pages, a sub-brand or a set of promotional pages, Marqui can leverage the template system to generate custom microsites. 

These sites can be built-in to your main website or have their own unique domain.  It’s quick and easy to create smaller, focused, alternately branded sites.


Integrated blogging can be a valuable tool for generating traffic. Marqui allows users to easily create multiple blogs, manage comments and will automatically aggregate and output blog content to your homepage, an RSS feed or categorized / date sorted listings.

Backbone Magazine

A unique offering of the Marqui uses the Subscriber module to create groups of specific visitors who are allowed access to both web and asset folders, giving you the power to create staff-only sections, customer logins, and gated resource centers for lead generation. Once logged in, visitor data can be personalized, so that each visitor sees only the relevant secured content.

Young Presidents' Organization

Manhattan Research

Marqui's integrated workflow and permissions system allows administrators to dictate the policies of communication and content management within the system - each user can have a specific publication chain and allowance to view, modify and publish content.
One master account can create and service multiple smaller accounts. Global, shared content between accounts means quick and easy replication and managerial oversight.

Investment Planning Counsel

Investment Planning Counsel

Integral to the Landing Page system, Forms allow pages to go from promotional tools to data collection devices - they’re easy to use, easy to change and test and the data they collect is automatically segmented and sorted by the system. Forms can automatically respond to those filling them out and can email notifications to members of your team for immediate response. Forms tie the Web and Subscribers modules together.

Bell Aliant

Custom, dynamic, rules-driven segmentation means users always have access to the most up-to-date lists for the purposes of email marketing and secure folder access. Segments are living things, modified moment-to-moment by the data available.
More than just "dear first name" personalization in Marqui can replace ANY component of an email or web page with data from the subscriber record: images, text, links, etc. can all be personalized, allowing for some very complex, very targeted content strategies.


Bring your Sales and Marketing teams together with the CRM Bridge. Data collected by campaigns (clickthroughs, conversions, attribute data) can be passed to your CRM system - giving the sales team the most up to date information about a lead as it comes in. Vice versa, the sales team can use the CRM bridge to indirectly trigger lead nurturing programs with the flip of a switch. Communication is good.
Using LDAP? Want to merge with your Marqui account for email and communication processes? No problem, it's easy and simple to set up.
Easy to generate, one-shot templated email campaigns to a set audience. Select a segment, write your copy, send your mail. Optionally, track clickthroughs and conversions for more analytics data on the behaviour of your recipients. Great for newsletters, invitations and one-off promotional email communication.


Set-it-and-forget-it style of chained email communication. Start with a behaviour (click, convert, read, etc) or an attribute (city, industry, title, nurture flag) and chain together emails over the course of time. Create complex structures of response-and-communicate to engage with a subscriber over the long-term.
Tie together social, print and web content with the MC module. Create campaigns to track alias links in any venue and integrate them into your web marketing structure.